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Life With Jeannie LogoWritten, directed by and starring Jean Grae.

Life With Jeannie: A web based sitcom from a unique perspective.
No, for real.  You have not seen this yet.  I’m not kidding.
                                                                                       The consummate New Yorker introduces us to her world.
                                                                                       Life, love and fuckery ensue.

                                                                                       You’re welcome.



Ep3thumb1Episode 3 : DO NOT PASS GO PT.2

It’s the second half of the animated episode! Is everyone still in jail?Did Jean really have a plan to get more money to film the show? Is Fernanda’s hair okay?!?! Watch and find out.












Ep3thumbEpisode 3 : DO NOT PASS GO PT.1

Why is this episode so damn late? Is this all an elaborate ruse?
Is the show in financial crisis? Will Jeannie and friends come up with a plan to save it? Maybe. Make sure to stay tuned for Part 2. Does Jean have a plan? Is this the plan? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!





Episode 2 : CHILLAXEp2thumb

A Valentine’s Day Special!
In this very special “Life With Jeannie” episode, things seem to look a little out of place. What’s happening? Who would tell ANYONE to “chillax”??!?!? Why does everything look weird??!? Are you seeing things!???! SCARY THINGS!?!?!?




Ep1thumbEpisode 1: MY FIRST BABY JESUS

Both the premiere and a very special Christmas episode. Jean learns the moral of the holidays. Lying to your exes to preserve your pride! This is Christmas. Jeannie style.